Record dictations and submit to typists instantly.

Instantly record and submit audio dictations directly to your admin teams securely within your practice computer network.

Automatically annotate recordings with any desired patient details held within your clinical system and confirm urgency status at the touch of a button.

Utilising our low cost digital microphone and the MediVisum Dictate & Refer solution you can record, edit, delete, and overdub recordings without the need for any external recording devices.

See It Live

Submit typing tasks and update your patient records simultaneously.

With Medivisum your recordings are never outside the practice network ensuring they are safe and secure at all times and you are compliant with NHS patient confidentiality guidelines.

Administration staff work more efficiently by recordings being submitted instantly as they happen and manage priorities more effectively with a visual view of typing tasks.

More Than Just Audio Dictation…

Time Saving
Automated process, with no need for manual image manipulation, patient detail annotation and manual upload to clinical system.
High quality digital recording with no degradation.
Quickly upload recordings from your hand held devices for total flexibility.
Adjustable record levels to suit all voice types.
Full delete, overwrite and re-record functions with visual timeline.
Automatically add patient details, clinician name, title and clinical notes to recordings from within SystmOne or EMIS Web.
One click selection for Routine, Two Week Wait and Urgent status.
Instantly submit recordings directly to typists and admin teams across the practice network.
At a glance status showing progress of each submitted recording.
Automatically update patient record within clinical system with dictation event.
All recordings stay within the practice network with no externally accessible media.
Low cost USB microphones, typists foot pedals and headsets.
Event logs record all actions for full traceability.

Loved by GP’s and administrators across the UK.

Record and submit audio dictations to typists instantly and securely across your practice network, saving time and improving efficiency.

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