Clinical Photography Management, made easy.

Capture medical images and automatically upload to your clinical system from any digital camera, smartphone or dermascope.

Automatically annotate images with any desired title, patient data, date, time, clinician and select from a set of anatomical diagrams to easily identify the location of close up photographs.

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Fully Integrated with
SystmOne and EMIS Web.

Share images with secondary care consultants within a tele-medicine setting as an alternative to immediate direct patient referral. Build a searchable catalogued library of images for reference and training purposes within your own practice.

An ideal solution for dermatology, tissue viability, wound management, post-operative management or indeed any area where photographic images aid and enhance the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions.

More Than Just Clinical Photography…

Time Saving
Automated process, with no need for manual image manipulation, patient detail annotation and manual upload to clinical system.
Ideal for dermatology, tissue viability or any requirement to capture images of lesions or skin conditions.
Ideal for sharing images with colleagues and external consultants.
Use any camera, smartphone or derma scope for imported image capture.
Automatically add images, date, time, clinician name, title and clinical notes to the patient’s record within TPP SystmOne or EMIS Web.
Automatically embed patient details and anatomical diagrams onto images.
Auto detect images on external capture devices with deletion warnings.
Easy to use, no need to learn a variety of manual image capture, upload or manipulation software tools.
Search images by practitioner, date, patient or clinical group from the secure online library.
With Medivisum, you can easily build a library of images for future reference and training purposes.
Event logs record all actions for full traceability.

Established in 2012, trusted by General Practitioners across the UK.

Images greatly enhance patient diagnosis and with MediVisum Capture & Compare managing those images and adding them to patient records is a breeze.

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