Secure & simple consultation recording.

Recording patient consultations as part of a Registrars GP training program is time consuming and can distract patients from acting naturally when using conventional video recording equipment.

With MediVisum Record & Train it’s a breeze to manage the whole process of recording and reviewing patient consultations for GP’s, Registrars and GP Trainers. No more worries about breaching patient confidentiality codes of practice with media being vulnerable to access outside of the secure practice computer network.

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Fully Integrated with
SystmOne and EMIS Web.

Place our high-quality HD discreet video camera with built in microphone anywhere in the consulting room to get the optimum viewpoint and automatically annotate the recordings with patient data, clinicians name, date and time automatically from your clinical system.

Enjoy the speed and convenience of reviewing recordings from any practice PC, connected TV or projector, with easy search and selection by GP, patient, date, gender, age and clinical class. Always setup, always ready to go.

Your time, patient confidentiality and security is important…

Time Saving
Automated process, with no need for manual image manipulation, patient detail annotation and manual upload to clinical system.
Automatically embed patient details to video directly from TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web.
High quality discreet small digital recorder ensures patients act more naturally.
Edit Safe
All videos are time stamped by the second to prevent editing.
Record direct to your PC & and practice network, no risk of data being externally accessed.
Easy to use, no need to learn functions of complicated camcorders.
Suspend visual recording whilst maintaining audio for sensitive examinations.
Registrars & GP Trainers can add comments to recordings for later review & discussion.
GP Trainers can review recordings from any PC, connected TV or projector within the practice.
Search recordings by GP, Registrar, patient or clinical group from the secure network library.
Adheres to RCGP COT guidelines for Workplace Based Assessment trainee ePortfolio.
Event logs record all actions for full traceability.

Trusted by GP’s and Registrars across the UK. Patient consultation recording on demand.

With no setup time and discreet cameras, record consultations instantly anytime ensuring patient confidentiality and security.

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